Calendly review: The app that keeps on giving

Being a blog for the tech-obsessed, it's hard not to talk about the best apps and tools around.

If I could pick just one app to talk about this year. My game-changer, if you will, that app would be Calendly, a scheduling tool.

The beauty of Calendly is in its simplicity. It's also a double-edged sword because most would think that they don't need it. That they can do without it.

After all, how hard is it to schedule a meeting with people? Maybe a little more work, if it involves a group of people, right? 

Life before Calendly

I think this is where most people can be proven wrong. It certainly was something I overlooked, especially when I came across other scheduling tools a couple of years back, like Acuity or ScheduleOnce.

This year marked a new wave of meetings for me. I had agencies, partners, freelancers, media whom I needed to meet. Adding time zones to that and we had a recipe for disaster.

And perhaps because I like squashing unnecessary time on dilly-dallying, back-and-forth emails, and recently asking myself, "is this the best use of my time?" it hit me that a scheduling tool would do me some good. 

Calendly came at the right time. It had a freemium model. It had a clean website. It was easy to set up. 

The Calendly Life

Oh, has my life changed ever since.

I am no longer spending so much time looking at my calendar availability and replying with: "I am free on these times [three options] let me know which one works for you?" and then repeating that until something sticks.

I also no longer have to remember sending a calendar invite once we agree to a meeting.

Everything is done on Calendly.

Screenshot of my Calendly page

Screenshot of my Calendly page

I even upgraded to the paid tier when my needs changed. Such as having US-friendly times for US-based partners and colleagues. They weren't timings I would normally open up to everyone, so it needed its own event with its own setting. 

Plus, I get to bask in the praise that others have bestowed after having booked a meeting with me. 

That calendar thing is amazing!

OMG what wizardy.

Very cool tool!

This is where Calendly shines the most. It's that it not only made my life easier but others have benefited as well.



What part of your day-to-day do you find that can be improved? Do you know if there are tools that could help solve that problem for you?