Why I want to get Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu to as many women as possible

Drop the Ball was probably the only book I finished straight-up while on a flight. Every time I go on a trip, I pack a conservative stash of one to two books and I always (always!) end up not finishing them. The only time this wasn't true was earlier this year on my flight home to Manila.

I came across Tiffany Dufu's book many times before. It was like the new Lean In, and I thought that perhaps similar to Sheryl Sandberg's book, I didn't need to read it since everyone's been talking about it. However, there was something about Drop the Ball that called out to me, and so I borrowed a copy the day before I was scheduled to fly, and then I talked about it nonstop to anyone who would listen.

Photo source: tiffanydufu.com

Photo source: tiffanydufu.com

The power the book has had on my life is tremendous, and the past six months since I read it is proof and pudding to Tiffany's words. There are amazing nuggets from the book that genuinely resonated and has helped shape me for the better. I think every woman should read Drop the Ball and below are my reasons why.

1) We need to find support

Whether that's our partner who splits household chores with us or our girl squad, we can't do everything ourselves even if we want to. The cure to never wanting to delegate is continually asking ourselves, "What's the best use of my time?" It's in this clarity and focus that will help us shine both at home and at work.

Tiffany was laser-focused in what she wanted to do that it helped clear the clutter for her to work on what's most important and what drives her purpose. She shares in the book concrete steps that she and her husband made to do an all-in partnership work while also busting gender stereotypes and dumb dad myths. 

2) We need to have an A-team

Hiring a career coach was the best thing I did short of finding a mentor. My coach challenges me and holds a mirror to my face so I can see my strengths as well as areas I need to work on. Hello there inner saboteur.

Because of my coach, I am more gung-ho about taking on new projects, better at celebrating and announcing my wins, and no longer as afraid to ask for what I want.

In the book, Tiffany shares other ways mentorship has helped her, as well as reasons why a network is so crucial if we want to succeed.

3) We need to unlearn our own biases

Apart from showing practical and concrete ways to put theory into practice, the real heart of Drop the Ball is the shift in mindset about our roles at home and in society. Tiffany shares ways in which we take for granted the help others are doing for us because we are unaware of what they are or we discount the help they give because it's not how we would do it. 

Drop the Ball unpacks all the baggage we have about ourselves and the stereotypes that hinder us from flourishing. With Tiffany's self-awareness and her storytelling, this book makes for a darn good read, and probably why I finished it within a three-hour flight.

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