Things Lately: Foam rolling fun

When I joined a year-long nutrition and fitness coaching program, one of the things I promised myself is that I will be open to suggestion. My coaches suggested for us to foam roll after 5-10 minutes of light cardio and before the warm-up exercises. Little did I know that foam rolling will completely change my body for the better.

I get a lot of questions about foam rolling on my Instagram Stories and I wanted to capture them here.

My foam rolling schedule involves a short foam rolling routine during my full body workouts, and in-between that, I do a focused routine from Lauren Roxburg's Taller, Slimmer, Younger Program.

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If you're looking to get started, below are some video links to get you on a roll. 

  • I recently came across this full body routine, and I have been sharing this video from Livestrong Woman with everyone who's been asking me about where to start. It's not a follow-along video but shows you many ways to use your foam roller. If you have time and would love to explore, make sure you bookmark this one for later.



Need a foam roller?

If you haven't got a foam roller yet, then I recommend investing in one. However, there are lots of cheaper options out there and those are fine to start with. Something of soft density, especially if you've never done it before, would be a great starter roller.

Eventually, once you have a routine in place, you would gradually need a denser foam roller. For that, I would recommend getting a Trigger Point roller because of the quality. It will last far longer than a cheap one and will be most effective in rolling out the kinks. The hollow centre makes it perfect for travelling, and I normally put in there my exercise bands, my jumping rope, my tennis ball, and any other workout equipment I take on my travels.

You may also invest in a longer one like the 36-inch/90cm LoRox aligned roller, to give you variety. The added length allows for more versatility in the types of moves you can do with it.