Things Lately: Newsletters I always open

With social media and everything else, I feel that email is still the best way to connect. It feels like a more intimate space that's not as cluttered as a social feed is. I have since trimmed down my emails to the barest essentials. I even have a dedicated email address for all subscriptions, just so that I could fully immerse myself in these newsletters that I allow into my inbox.

I hope you find a way to prune your email inbox, and be very selective of who you allow into your space. If you're in need of finding the worthy ones, below are my favourites who have stood the test of time. I recommend them in a heartbeat.

  • Girls Night In - Gosh, I feel like GNI has totally reinvented what being a homebody is and how to truly put self-care at the forefront of our lives. I love the newsletter format (obviously) and cannot get enough of how genius this concept is. GNI is like a best friend who drops in every week to let you in on the most relevant of things to make sure your weekends are taken care of. They also host #GNIReads (because who loves staying in with a good book? we sure do!) and hosts book clubs in various cities. I applied to be a book host for Singapore, let's see if they have plans to come to this part of the world.

  • 10 Things by Of a Kind - I have been a fan of Claire and Erica since they first opened and have purchased numerous times from their store. But what truly keeps me coming back is their newsletter, 10 Things, which is exactly what it sounds like. Every week, they each share five things that's been rocking their week. It's kind of like Things Lately (this post category, if you didn't realise) but way cooler. They also have a podcast!

  • Susannah Conway's Love Letter - Speaking about emails being an intimate space to connect, Susannah knows where it's at. She's basically nailed down this email thing and even calls hers Love Letter. And it truly is. There's nothing quite like receiving her emails that's informative, vulnerable, funny, and a delightful read. I'm a big fan of Susannah's work as a writer, a tarot practitioner, and a creative through and through. Susannah has righted my path and got me started with her annual (and totally free) Unravel Your Year workbook and setting intentions with Word of the Year. It's been the force that's kept me on my path since 2014, and I would not have survived my Saturn Rising without her.

  • Finimize - This one is a bit of an oddball because it's about finance and world economy all rolled into one. Not that there's anything weird about it because every lady needs to know where her money is, yeah? I could have easily picked a finance blog newsletter written by a woman. There are amazing ones like Half Banked's Desirae Odjick, but what I do love about the Finimize emails is that they're short and sweet, and yet absolutely informative. I came across Finimize at the height of my personal finance awakening. They're a new app and to start building their community, a newsletter was an easy way to get connected. Since then, they've launched their app but the emails are just as amazing. There's just something about keeping tabs on money and how it makes the world go 'round.

  • Splice Newsroom - If you're in media and in Asia, you would have come across Splice one way or another. They're doing the important work of turning newsrooms into digital newsrooms. Just because the Internet came about, doesn't mean it's easy for people and businesses to make that switch. Splice drops in with updates around the media landscape, tech, and amazing opinion writing about industry. It comes with its own quips and personality, which makes their emails more than just industry news. They recently launched a Splice 100 fund with the ambition to prototype 100 media companies in 3 years. They're more than just a company, they're a movement.



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