Things Lately: Plant parenthood

Melbourne left a big impression on me. When good friends who've visited before me would say, "oh you will love Melbourne." I didn't know it then and took their comments with a pinch of salt. Now that it's been a few weeks since I returned, the city is still very much on my mind, and not in a way I expected. 

Since then, I have been obsessed with becoming a plant mama. I always knew I love plants, like how I love the ocean. I grew up around greenery, took care of them, and if my A+ in Botany isn't an indicator, I don't know what else. It took going to Melbourne to rekindle this fire inside me. It is strong, and burning brighter than it ever has before.

  • Leaf Supply Book by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan - More than its pretty good looks, the book with its gorgeous dark green edges, is what sparked the plant mama inside of me. Leaf Supply turned out to be a plant store business based in Sydney. I love this book. Simple, full of helpful, no-nonsense advice on caring with plants, pretty pictures, and profiles of other plant people.

  • Plant Society by Jason Chongue - Is it me or are all the good plant books all from Australia? I came across Plant Society, which by the way is also another business with a book (it's a thing!) is a great beginner-friendly introduction to caring for plants. What makes Jason's point of view extra interesting is that he's not your normal plant carer. He's an architect and interior designer, and in a way plants form part of that aesthetic.

  • Green Banana - Hitting closer to home here with Green Banana, who is my go-to for gorgeous terrariums. I bought two from Alvin last March as my birthday gift. Colleagues who come across my desk never fail to admire the gorgeous succulents I have, and I'm more than happy to send them Green Banana's way.

  • Tumbleweed Plants - Another Singapore-based business here, I recently stumbled upon Tumbleweed Plants in my search of a plant nursery. What makes Tumbleweed special is it feels less commercial and more curated, not just in the plants they have but in the ceramics and pots they have available. They also run workshops for interested plant parents out there.


  • Lab Girl by Hope Jahren - If I could try on someone else's life on for size, I would probably like to give Hope's a go. As a geochemist, geobiologist, and memoir author, Hope wrote Lab Girl to illustrate the wonderful things that happen when work, life, and love move in parallel to each other. She views the world with the lens of someone who lives and breathes plants and her analogies for both is exquisite and beautiful.

Editor's Note: Things Lately is a weekly wrap-up of things I am obsessed with. Anything from interesting articles, books, products, and whatever's gotten my attention lately.