Things Lately: Women-led podcasts

As much as I'm a voracious reader, I'm also in love with podcasts. It's a natural progression from books to audiobooks then to podcasts. I picked up audiobooks at the height of my running career where I would run for hours, and audiobooks helped keep me company.

Today, almost five years on, I have listened to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of podcast episodes. This year I want to shine a light on women-led podcasts because our voices need to be heard. 

Note: All the links here are to Castbox because I love their app and fully endorse that you subscribe and listen to these wonderful podcasts using it.

  • The Health Code - This is a new podcast released just a few months ago and it was my first introduction to Sarah's Day. She's a YouTuber that started out sharing her acne experience and blossomed to become a breath of fresh air in the health and fitness space. She started this podcast with her photographer boyfriend Kurt Tilse to talk about health and how it bleeds into their life. It's part life coaching, part conversation on the couch, and part comedy. What I love about this podcast is how real and fun they are, and this cuts across all their social media accounts. It's definitely one of the podcasts I look out for weekly.

  • Mind Love - I came across Melissa Monte because my podcast listening revolved around business and productivity and Mind Love was the key to bringing it all together. I'm a big believer in work and play, and Melissa's focus on our mindset is a great addition to what I have been learning and listening to. A healthy mind is as much a multiplier to life, as a healthy body and a healthy career.

  • Disrupt Yourself - Whitney Johnson is one of those writers I knew about (from HBR) and it was only when I heard her as a podcast guest did I realise she had one of her own. As a writer and author, Whitney has a way of digging deeper into a topic and this makes her episodes so rife with insights. One of my favourites was her interview with June Cohen. Go have a listen.

  • Advice to My Younger Me - Similar to Whitney, I came across Sara Holtz's podcast after listening to her interview as a podcast guest. What I love about this is the hindsight and advice her guests share to the listeners. There's something beautiful about introspecting on their own lives. It's never preachy and always comes from experience.

  • Ellevate Podcast - Obviously this goes into the list, having read Sallie Krawcheck's book Own It: The Power of Women at Work. Sallie is the CEO and Founder of Ellevest, a digital financial advisor for women, and Ellevate is their network and community site. This podcast is a great extension to the information and help this community of women share in order to improve our careers and help us, well, own it.