In Depth Year Reading

In Depth Year Reading


This is a 60-minute 9 to 12 card reading to help set you up for the year ahead. You will walk away with a roadmap of the energies you are working with to help guide you in setting intentions and focus for the next 12 months.

Great for personal years, also known as birthdays, or at the turn of a calendar year.


How to get your reading

  • Please fill up the form included when you purchase a reading.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 48 hours.

  • Readings will be delivered on or before the 31st of December.


What you receive

  • A link to a PDF file or an audio recording of your reading

  • A photo of your tarot spread

  • Good vibes

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About my readings

My tarot practice is rooted in self-reflection and discovery. Therefore, my readings are used for guidance and insight, helping you come to decisions and conclusions on your own. Consulting the cards are less about fortune-telling, and more about understanding the energies that surround you. Readings are meant to be supportive and empowering; never about instilling fear and helplessness.

On that note, if you feel that you may need more support, such as having health concerns, abuse, financial difficulties, and legal problems, I highly recommend seeking medical, psychological, financial and legal advice from professionals. While tarot readings can be enriching, it should never be used as a substitute for professional help. Please know that you have a responsibility to your well-being and your actions, and I desire for you to act and decide with your best intentions in mind.

Kind words from people I read for

“I think I was still uncertain before I read this, although I did know which way I would eventually go. It’s really helped give me an insight away from the whole situation and on a more logical and rational standpoint.” — L.

“You’re really spot on and really in tune. Yes, everything rung true. Right up to the very end. It really was a great reading.” — D.

“Holy sh*t. It’s very accurate. Spot on. I’ve went for these tarot card readings before and this is by far the only one that is very specific, detailed, clear and true!” — A.

“Sweet – you are right about this reading giving me a little nod. And I also got slight goosebumps when you ended with ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Thanks so much!!!”— M.