Tarot and You


Note: This is Part 3 of a three-part introduction to tarot. See Part 1 and Part 2.

Here's what we're discussing for Day 3:

  • How to find a tarot reader that's good for you?

  • Who are my favourite tarot readers?

  • What to expect from your tarot reading?

How to find a tarot reader that's good for you?

No two people are alike, like how no two tarot readers are alike. Think of it as a general practitioner doctor. Even if you have been to a dozen GPs in your life, there are only a select few you honestly felt had your best interests at heart, listened to you talk about your symptoms, and made you better. We bring our personality into the work, and that's what makes my tarot reading different from another's.

The best way to know who's a good tarot reader for you is to try them out. I'm serious. I had tarot readings done and found all of them different and enlightening. Sometimes you love all of them, and sometimes you will settle on one and cling on to them for life. I guess it's like dating. You have to go on a few before you realise what you like.

Who are my favourite tarot readers?

For you to find the tarot reader that's perfect for you, I'm going to link you up with a few people you can try out. These are some of my favourite tarot readers. As I'm an intuitive tarot reader, I tend to go with an intuitive tarot reader as well.

Vix from New Age Hipster
Vix is the best! I found her on Etsy, gave her a try, and loved the way she's done her readings. I liked them so much I signed up for a package and consulted her and the cards on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis. There's just something about the way she writes, and it's as if we're sitting together having a cup of tea, having a tarot conversation.

Amelia from Midheaven Astro
Gosh, I don't remember when or how I stumbled on Amelia, but at that time it felt like serendipity. Amelia's a writer and all-around stylish person, has a way with words. Her readings are supportive, and since she's both an astrologer with a tarot background, she weaves them together beautifully. It's the best of both worlds. 

Lindsay Mack
Honestly, I have not had a reading done from Lindsay, not a personal one anyway. That's the thing though, I have only read her Tarotscopes when she used to do them for The Numinous, and I felt like she was talking to me. I have been a fan ever since.

What to expect from your tarot reading?

If you decide to try me on for size, I will work with you throughout the entire process. Once you request for a reading, I am very hands-on and will try to understand your situation fully. And since asking questions is a powerful tool in tarot readings, I'm going to help define and refine your question together with you.

My readings always aim to make sure you feel in control of the situation and never leaving things to whims of fancy.  Readings are done over email as I like to take time with the cards and letting the energies brew for a bit. I also find that most are thankful to have something to go back to and re-read. It will allow you time to let the reading sink in and take shape.

As always, I do allow for clarifying questions and more than happy to have a discussion. Your takeaway from my readings should be actionable. It is why I never read for anyone else but you. The attention and focus are always set on you, what you can do about your situation, and the energies you are working with.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from my short tarot introductory course. I am opening readings on the Full Moon/New Moon, depending on the timing.

Niki Torres