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Things Lately: Women-led podcasts

As much as I'm a voracious reader, I'm also in love with podcasts. It's a natural progression from books to audiobooks then to podcasts. I picked up audiobooks at the height of my running career where I would run for hours, and audiobooks helped keep me company.

Today, almost five years on, I have listened to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of podcast episodes. This year I want to shine a light on women-led podcasts because our voices need to be heard. 

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Building trust one Instagram story at a time

More than a few months ago, I began a personal mini project on Instagram Stories to share a part of my work, particularly how to use Skyscanner. The idea started because I have been thinking endlessly about building brand trust. I wanted to put the traveller at the centre of the conversation. I wanted to make sure questions are answered, plus giving travellers a sort-of Level Up, when it comes to planning their trips.

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