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Things Lately: Newsletters I always open

With social media and everything else, I feel that email is still the best way to connect. It feels like a more intimate space that's not as cluttered as a social feed is. I have since trimmed down my emails to the barest essentials. I even have a dedicated email address for all subscriptions, just so that I could fully immerse myself in these newsletters that I allow into my inbox.

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Why I want to get Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu to as many women as possible

I came across Tiffany Dufu's book many times before. It was like the new Lean In, and I thought that perhaps similar to Sheryl Sandberg's book, I didn't need to read it since everyone's been talking about it. However, there was something about Drop the Ball that called out to me, and so I borrowed a copy the day before I was scheduled to fly, and then I talked about it nonstop to anyone who would listen.

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Things Lately: Plant parenthood

Melbourne left a big impression on me. When good friends who've visited before me would say, "oh you will love Melbourne." I didn't know it then and took their comments with a pinch of salt. Now that it's been a few weeks since I returned, the city is still very much on my mind, and not in a way I expected. 

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